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The Desk That Drives Results

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"The best blend of technology and furniture ever created."
– Rob Kirkbride, when at

Create Your Best Workforce

Desks are more than just furniture. They are where problems are solved, ideas are created, and businesses are built. We think desks are one of the most important places in the world. That's why we created the Stir Kinetic Desk. No desk is more advanced, or more effective, than a Stir Kinetic Desk. And it comes with proof.

To create the best workforce for your company, get them Stir Kinetic Desks. They will actively engage your employees to stand more while working so they’re healthier and more productive.

It’s a standing desk like no other - created to make a positive impact, and drive results for individuals and companies.

The Most Advanced Desk Ever

Inlaid Touchscreen Control

Swipe from side to side for data and settings controls. Double tap anywhere to move the desk to between your preset heights. You don't have to look for the button to move your desk, then press it and hold it until the desk seems like the right height. That's too much work and doesn't do anything to help you remember to move in the first place.

The Stir Kinetic Desk touchscreen makes it effortless to move more.

Whisperbreath Reminders

There simply is no more advanced, creative, or polite way to get a signal to move. Timed to the resting, human breath rate, the desk surface gently rises and lowers one inch. It doesn’t disrupt concentration, and it doesn’t require a response, but it’s very effective.

Stir Analytics

With the Stir Analytics dashboard, companies can see how their installment of Stir Kinetic Desks are being used, and measure their return on investment. Aggregated and anonymized information such as percent of desks that change position daily, incremental calories burned by employees, and desk occupancy, is available on a real time basis.

Wi-Fi and the Cloud

The Stir Kinetic Desk is built on a cloud-based architecture. This makes hot desking very easy. User profiles and preferences are stored in the cloud, and can follow you to any Stir Kinetic Desk you want to work at.


Stir Kinetic Desks sense users and greet them when they arrive at their desks. The desk uses this ability to give users information on how much they sit and stand during their day. Sensing technology also supports auto logging in and out.

Learning Algorithms

Stir desks get better with time. After about 20 days of regular use, the desk will adjust how often, as well as when, it reminds users to change position, helping them reach their goals.

The Desk That Drives Results

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"The fanciest, most tricked out standing desk ever."
"Standing desks just got smarter."
"The coolest height-adjustable desk of them all."
"The best blend of furniture and technology ever created."
"...the stand up winner for form, function, futuristic tech promise and flat out fantastic aesthetic."
"...the smartest, sexiest desk you’ve ever seen."
"The iPhone of standing desks."
" fantasy desk"
"If Apple were to build a desk, it would look like this."
"Stir paid attention to every detail."
"...the world's most high-tech standing desk."
"...a desk I fell in love with..."

Stir Commercial Products

More Effective than Any Other Desk

Studies show that less than 20% of push-button desks move even once a day. By contrast, more than 80% of Stir Kinetic Desk users change position at least once a day.

The reason is simple. Stir Kinetic Desks engage users throughout their day: giving them information on how they're doing, politely reminding them to move, sensing their presence, making it easy to login in and out, and learning from them so the desk can improve its own performance.

Make Any Desk a Stir Kinetic Desk

Works with Your Design

Now you can purchase the base and technology of a Stir Kinetic Desk and integrate it with your own top. The new product - the Stir Kinetic Desk Base L1 and available exclusively for contract purchase through Stir Dealers - can support tops in a wide range of materials from MDF to solid wood, whatever you need to fit your installation and design goals.

Supports Different Sizes

The new Stir Kinetic Desk Base L1 supports desks from 48" wide all the way to 72". Each size has been BIFMA X5.5 certified. So whether you're creating a high density call center, or a wide open plan with large work surfaces, the Base L1 can support your needs.

We Make It Easy

We provide the drawings to your designers and suppliers as needed, so that they can create the integration points for the technology and base. The Base L1 also uses fewer than average connection points, so that installation is fast.

Analytics Are the Proof

Stir Kinetic Desks come with analytics for both individual users, and management.

For Individuals, Stir Kinetic Desks give them information about how much they stand and sit throughout their day, week, month and year. Users can also track their performance against their own standing goals, and see how many extra calories they’ve burned from standing.

For management, Stir Analytics is an interactive data dashboard providing information about desk utilization, health and wellness, and other workforce insights only available because of their installation of Stir desks.

The Desk That Drives Results

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