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The L1
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Stir Kinetic Desk L1

The thinnest, lightest Stir Kinetic Desk ever made.



On the introduction of the Stir Kinetic Desk L1

“At heart, we are a tech startup interested in enabling a healthier and better way to work on a global scale... The Stir Kinetic Desk L1 offers an opportunity to bring the Stir experience to more people at the lowest price we’ve ever achieved.” 


JP Labrosse

CEO and Chief Designer at Stir


The New York Times

New York Times"The best sit-stand experience by far..."


--Jennifer Jolly


The Wall Street Journal

"The Tesla of Desks...[Other] desks can't address the root of the problem...willpower"


-Geoffrey Fowler


Cult of Mac

"...the new M1 from Stir Kinetic Desk is not only as elegant and high-quality as anything we’ve seen, it’s way smarter."


-Alex Heath


The Verge

"The Ferrari of Standing Desks."


-Nathan Ingraham

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