"The best sit-stand experience by far"

M1 Customer Reviews

Cornelius C.

I have recently purchased a Stir M1 and have been using it for a week now. Frankly, I LOVE IT. But why do I love it? Everything about the M1 is perfectly refined from the soft edges, matt finish, chrome legs and slotted openings for cables. The motors moving the desk up and down are extremely quiet to the point of almost being undetectable to participants on a conference call (which I take from a very sensitive desktop speaker/mic system). The M1 is also VERY stable when extended in the standing position, one of the concerns with standing desks is the “wobble”. With the M1, there is no wobble. But the thing I like the most about it is how it makes my back feel. I’ve played a lot of ice hockey in my life and as such my lower back gets tired and achy after sitting for a few hours. The M1 reminds with with the Whisper Breath to stand up, and as such my back has been pain free for the last week. I can’t put a price on that. Overall I would recommend this desk for anyone, and expect as I launch and expand my businesses I will be buying more for the staff.

Bill R.

Tempe, AZ

(I love) Everything... its hard to pinpoint because its a completely different experience.

James S.

Springville, UT

I love that I can stand and sit and it reminds me to move.

Jeanne C.

Estero, FL

It's awesome! (I love) Everything. Especially the sleek look and movement. Much more invigorated, much more energy. Desk is so attractive, I keep more organized than my old desk. When it breathes, my Stir seems to be working with me. Luv it !!!

John D.

Asheville, NC

Gets me moving. Keeps me moving. More productive when standing. Numbness in right finger significantly improved. I'm more productive when I'm standing – less likely to drift (or doze!) off. That said, I like the effortless transition from up to down and the reminders to move.

Jonathan B.

San Francisco, CA

Beautiful, functional and connected. I have been averaging 1.5 hours more in a day of work. @ $300/hour, that is a very quick ROI!

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F1 Customer Reviews

Courtney C.

Portland, OR

Previously I was sitting AND standing for too long at a time. So I'm definitely far better at changing positions regularly.

Thomas M.

Atlanta, GA

(I love) The ability to select the sitting and standing height, the reminder to sit down every once in a while, the finish, hmmm...everything about it. This has been one of the best buying experiences ever. I was sitting for 10 hours a day. Now, I have more energy, I have lost 6 lbs, and I am happier! What's not to like about that! Thank you for creating this desk!

Bryan E.

Dallas, TX

Looks great. Motor is quiet and smooth. Allows me to stand most of the day. I stand much more during the day, which gives me more energy and reduces muscle soreness in my neck and back.

Kristy S.

Austin, TX

Basically, I love the ability to stand and work. However, the design is also very nice and I've gotten compliments from every person who's walked into my office. The mechanics of the desk motion are also very smooth. I actually look forward to coming into work more. It feels good to know I don't have to sit all day at my desk. It's also easier for coworkers when they bring in papers for us to both look at - no one needs a chair and we can review things while standing at my desk.

Rob B.

Asheville, NC

Keeps me moving, very adjustable, and plenty of power / USB connections.

"The best sit-stand experience by far"

"Stir was the stand-up winner for form, function, futuristic tech promise and flat-out fantastic aesthetic."

"The Tesla of Desks... [Other] desks can't address the root of the problem... willpower"

"Meet my fantasy desk - a fully-motorized, Wi-Fi enabled, touchscreen controlled standing desk."

"...fits right in with the Tesla sports car, Nest thermostat, and Macbook Air in a special circle of exquisitely designed, ultra-high-tech everyday good..."

"...the fanciest, most tricked out standing desk ever"

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