Under-Desk Screen Access Panel replacement kit

Under-Desk Screen Access Panel replacement kit


Stir desk parts, even out of warrantly, can be replaced quickly and easily! Just purchase a Stir Desk Repair Kit and you'll receive a package in the mail within a few business days to get started including all needed parts, tools and easy to follow instructions to perform the repair.


ATTENTION: Most Stir Desk Repair Kits require that you promptly return any damaged parts within 15 business days to receive a full refund of your security deposit. Your package will include a return shipping label and any damaged parts can be returned in same packaging that new parts were received in.

  • Contents

    • If required, Stir will immediate ship out a retrieval kit to remove parts you'd like repaired/replaced from your desk, including:
      • Any tools needed to access repair area/parts
      • Detailed step by step instructions (usually with video)
      • Retu