L1 Software Upgrade Kit

L1 Software Upgrade Kit


Most desks can be repaired/upgraded quickly and easily in your home/office. Stir Desk Repair Kits include all of the needed parts, tools and step-by-step instructions in one package.

  • Refundable Security Deposits

    • Some Stir Desk Repair Kits require the retrieval and return of removed parts from your desk for a refund of a pre-paid security deposit. Please read instructions in your repair kit carefully and follow all return requests within the return window to receive your full refund.
  • Precaution During Repairs

    Most Stir Desk Repair Kit repairs are as simple as changing a light bulb, though some repairs require a trained electronics professional. By purchasing one of these kits you agree to carefully read all instructions included in your kit and take the necessary precautions that Stir recommends.