How it Works

"Other desks can't address the root of the problem, . . . willpower."
– Geoffrey Fowler

The Stir Kinetic Desk: The Touchscreen

Stir Kinetic Desks have inlaid touchscreen controls. More than an app on a busy smartphone, the touchscreen focuses just on the user, making it an effortless and uncluttered experience to stand more while working. And while the desk uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it doesn't need them to access any of the desks features, or to deliver all the benefits. Tap and swipe to make things happen.

The Home Screen

Move Your Desk

To move the desk, just double tap the center of the Home Screen “dial.” Your desk will quietly move to either the standing or sitting preset height you created. You don’t have to find a button, push and wait. Just double tap, and get back to what you were doing. You can also tap the standing or sitting person buttons to move your desk to your preset. Holding one of these buttons will move the desk to any height.

Your Status

The Home Screen gives you real time status and glanceable data. Tap “info” and the dial turns into a clock with the orange triangle at the top indicating the current time. The light blocks on the inside of dial show when you were sitting at your desk – the green blocks show your standing time. The Wi-Fi indicator in the upper left shows if you’re connected. If there’s a person in the lower right corner, then someone is logged in – tap it to make sure it’s you. The arrow circle in the upper right shows that Whisperbreath reminders are on.

Lock the Screen

If you find that your desk is busy with papers, or a visitor, simply touch the gray “hamburger” (stack of three horizontal lines) icon at the center top of the screen and drag down. Your touchscreen will now have a gray blind covering it. The touchscreen is now inactive until you raise the lock screen blind, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertent double taps.

The Settings Drawer

Touch the blue hamburger at the bottom center of the screen to access the Settings Drawer. Here you get quick access to Wi-Fi and User Profiles, as well as access to more detailed settings for your user profile, or the desk such as screen brightness and dimming, and the different modes for the desk including Tutorial mode and Learning mode.

Activity Tracking


Swipe to the left of the Home Screen to see how much you've been standing and sitting at your desk, and how you're tracking to your goals. The bar at the bottom is a level - if you're tracking to your goal, the glowing ball is in the middle.

This Week

You can tap the Today bar and see each day of the week, or swipe to the left again. In addition to now seeing your trending data, you also see your cumulative, extra calories burned for that same period of time.

The Month and More

Swipe to the left again and get the same data for the past month, or even year. Stir Kinetic Desks save data over years. If you create a profile, your desk saves that in the cloud. If you work in a hot desking environment, or you work between different Stir desks, your profile and all your activity data will travel with you.

Set It Up, Just for You

Create Height Presets

Swipe to the right of the Home Screen and you’ll find the vertical slider to create your height presets. Height presets are the standing and sitting heights for the desk that you want to move between when you double tap the Home Screen dial. You can adjust these at any time – simply slide the green button up or down, and then touch Set.

Set Goals

Swipe to the right again, and you find the goals screen. Here you select what percentage of your day you would like to spend standing. The desk comes with a default goal of 35%. Next, select how long you’d like to stand at each interval. Twenty minutes is the desk default. Set goals that fit your work schedule – if you spend a lot of time seated in a meeting, then try to stand more while at your desk.

Create a Profile

Creating a profile makes a number of things happen. First, by telling the desk more about you, it is able to estimate what your height presets should be, and also more accurately calculate the extra calories that you burn by standing. Your profile is also where you link your desk to your Fitbit account so you can get credit for your standing time. Finally, a profile saves in the cloud and makes desk sharing and hot desking easy.

Desk Sharing

Stir Kinetic Desks make sharing desks and working in hot desking environments convenient. Simply create a profile and a PIN, and turn on Desk Sharing in Settings > Desk > Desk Sharing. Now your custom settings and data are in the cloud and can be used at any desk on your network when you login. For your security, when you leave your desk for more than 10 minutes your desk will log you out. When you come back, just enter your PIN. If you go to work at another desk, just enter your username and PIN to log in. The upcoming Stir mobile app (subscribe here for release updates) will make this a hands free experience using low-energy Bluetooth 4.0.


Whisperbreath is the magic in a Stir Kinetic Desk. When it's time to move, the desk rises and lowers 1". Put your hand on your chest and take a deep breath. That's what it feels like when you're at a Stir Kinetic Desk, and it gently signals you that it's time to change position.