Stir Kinetic Desks for Teams

NEW! Stir Kinetic Desk Base L1

Whether you need 50, or 5,000, Stir Kinetic Desks can be customized to fit your team, your project and your aesthetic.

NEW! Stir Kinetic Desk Base L1

Now you can purchase the base and technology for a Stir Kinetic Desk and integrate it into the work surface you need.

The new Stir Kinetic Desk Base L1 includes the frame, legs and feet, and all the electronics, sensors and software to create a complete Stir Kinetic Desk. The base is adjustable and supports desks from 48" long, to 72" wide. One-site assembly is simple. Drawings are provided to enable you to prepare your top so the touchscreen and sensor can be inserted by any installation team.

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Stir Analytics

Stir Analytics is an interactive dashboard for management that shows companies how their Stir Kinetic Desks are performing and what benefits their employees are getting. Customers get access to the dashboard when they have 20 or more desks installed. The dashboard shares only aggregate information about the company's installation of Stir Kinetic Desks. There are three areas of analytics: Desk Utilization, Health and Wellness, and Workforces Insights.

Each view is uniquely insightful. For example, in Desk Utilization you'll see what percentage of your employees are changing position at their desks daily and how that compares with people at push button desks. In Health and Wellness, you'll see the extra calorie burn your team is getting by standing more everyday. In Workforce insights, understand the occupancy trends for your facilities.

Stir is actively adding more metrics as clients access the Stir Analytics dashboard and define what will help them most.

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