The Triple Tap: Detlef Issel – QA Test Engineer at Stir

September 28th, 2015 by The Team at Stir |

The Triple Tap is a new ongoing series. It’s a few quick questions that let you meet the people who work at, with or around Stir to make the Standingest of Standing Desks


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“Through all of these experiences, the attraction and desire to communicate imagery has always remained with me”

-Detlef Issel (QA Test Engineer at Stir)


Ok Detlef, please describe the first experience you had with a standing desk? 

My first encounter with a standing desk was shortly after I began a consulting job at Netflix. They had some standing desks, but they were hand crank operated and took a tremendous effort. Those desks also failed to address cable chaos! When I eventually started at Stir, it was like night and day. I remember that after working at the original Stir Kinetic Desk (what I consider my first REAL standing desk) I was more energetic – I even felt a little special. I loved the fact that all the little details that I was actively missing in my regular desk were integrated in Stir’s desk.

When you’re not working at a desk, what kind of things are you doing? 

I prefer a plant-based diet and have an overall interest in a healthy, creative lifestyle. I always find time to write (poetry mostly), I love to dance (especially the Intuitive Jam dance movement) and I like to run every day when possible – I’ve finished five marathons to date and hope for even more in time. I was born and raised in Germany and I’ve always looked forward to holidays abroad. I’ve traveled extensively to parts of the US, Canada, most of Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Namibia, some of the South Pacific Islands, Martinique, Reunion, Mauritius and India. During my travels I’ve seen tremendous cultures and have genuinely had too many memorable moments to count. Through all of these experiences, the attraction and desire to communicate imagery has always remained with me – a great passion of mine is to shoot unique photos during my travels and blow them up on canvas.

How did you feel after your first day working at a Stir Kinetic Desk?
I remember clearly that my body was more relaxed. There was no tension in my neck at the end of a long day for the first time that I could recall. I never wanted to work on a normal desk again – which is problematic because at this point I don’t have a Stir Kinetic Desk in my home office. If something impresses me I become an advocate for it. Stir definitely falls into that category, it’s just an added bonus that I happen to work here – I truly love the desk. Outside of work, I talk about it to my friends (they love to hear about our latest innovations) and even find myself unintentionally “pitching” Stir to random people at places like street fairs, concerts and airports during my travels.

A bit more about Detlef:


Detlef leads all quality assurance testing on Stir products big and small. If you’ve ever worked at a Stir Kinetic Desk, your experience was better than it would have been without Detlef’s contributions. He enjoys photography, writing poetry and loves a good half marathon before breakfast.

Twitter: @skywriterdi

Facebook: isselwood

Instagram: @detlefi62

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