The Lighter Side of Alternative Desks

August 17th, 2015 by Phil Williams |

We can’t take credit for any of these brilliant (?) ideas, but here’s what some might call the “alternate reality” of future desks:

The Fetal Position Workstation


This craze from The Onion seems to be sweeping the startup world.


The Hamster Wheel Desk


You can build this one today, just make sure that you clear it with the facilities manager first. Ceiling clearance is a consideration with this piece from Robb via


The Swimming Desk



We love the simplicity of this aqua-centric design from Acts of Volition.


The Running Deer Desk


Some of us think that XKCD is an oracle sent back from the future to show us the way. This piece can definitely compete with Stir in regards to helping you stay active while working. We’re still confident that we have the upper hand on increased productivity – you’d probably average 3 words per hour while typing at this “desk”.


A vision of the future from The New Yorker

“I used to get home from work totally exhausted. Now I’m brimming with energy. Instead of collapsing onto the couch, I pace my apartment all night long, in ever-tightening circles.”

This tongue-cheek look at next-gen desks is a farce. Though it does quickly mention the previously featured “swimming desk” on its way to visions of the ceiling-mounted rock-climbing desk and beyond.



We look forward to the fully optimized workplace of the future. Rock-climbing desks on the ceiling… fetal position desks on the floor – the future is bright indeed. Unlike the “desks” mentioned above, the Stir Kinetic Desk M1 and F1 are real and available today.

We want to know — How do you stand to work? Is your current solution something purchased? Something homemade? or something carefully hacked together from existing parts?

Post By: Phil Williams
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