Stir brings a little “Kinetic” energy to Live Nation’s Global HQ

March 30th, 2016 by Phil Williams |

Stir recently completed a custom installation for Live Nation Entertainment’s global headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA. In a close collaboration with a Stir exclusive dealer in Los Angeles, Tangram Studio, hundreds of Stir Kinetic Desks were installed at the “Ice House” building in downtown Beverly Hills. Each workstation featured a one-of-a-kind, solid walnut top built Read More »

What Does It Take to Build a Smart Desk?

September 9th, 2015 by Martin Kozaczek |

It takes a lot of creativity and perseverance!     No one has ever before conceived and tried to make something like a Stir Kinetic Desk. It’s a rare opportunity to start from scratch on something and that opportunity allowed and required our team to experiment a lot. The downside of that is of course, Read More »

The Lighter Side of Alternative Desks

August 17th, 2015 by Phil Williams |

We can’t take credit for any of these brilliant (?) ideas, but here’s what some might call the “alternate reality” of future desks: The Fetal Position Workstation This craze from The Onion seems to be sweeping the startup world.  

Oh, to be Finnish

August 12th, 2015 by Jennifer McNally | ,

This story, done by NPR on July 28, 2015, is a great tale of one country’s commitment to being active. In Finland,”Under the Constitution … physical activity is a basic cultural right.”  And while the Finnish government may be cutting back some on financial support, the country still has the gift of physical activity being a highly valued element of their national Read More »