Stir is back from a great week at CES!

Each January, the entire world of consumer electronics descends upon Las Vegas and spends a week gorging at an “all-you-can-eat buffet” of technology known simply as CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. On the surface, it’s a simple trade show showcasing new technology - in reality, it’s a sneak peek at the technology that will shape our lives in the years ahead. 

We had great meetings with some of the top companies in the world; and we were overjoyed to see a lot of mailing list subscribers like yourself make it out for private demos.  As the grand finale to our exciting week in Vegas - we sold out of our first batch of desks shipping this February! Pre-orders are now available for our next shipment arriving this April. You can visit our webstore now to customize and reserve your own Stir Kinetic Desk today.  

We have received an incredible response. Look below to check out the coverage and 

to see some great moments from our exciting week in Vegas!

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"There's been a burst of interest in standing desks, but they're not that easy to use, and it's hard to motivate sitters to stand. The answer: a table that will nudge you to stand, with a gentle, one-inch rise and fall of its surface."  - Peter Svensson

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"Check out the Stir Kinetic Desk, a desk I fell in love with at this year’s CES in Las Vegas" - Andrew Lampard

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"Meet my fantasy desk—a fully-motorized, Wi-Fi-enabled, touchscreen-controlled standing desk" - Eric Adams

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USA Today stopped by and demoed the Stir Kinetic Desk chatting with our CEO and Founder, JP.

"I've been sitting at the desk all day and I think I'm tired of sitting. I should stand; I wish there was a desk that would go with me. Well, there is!" - Jefferson Graham

                 Stir @ CES 1                        

Our team knows the desk inside and out, every last detail is considered.

                                 Mark working

Working hard at PepCom, an invite-only event exclusively for media 

from around the world.

Stir PepCom 1      Stir PepCom 2

Stir PepCom 3      Stir PepCom 4

And our private suite at Caesar's Palace.

Stir Caesar's 1      Stir Caesar's 2

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When the sun goes down, the party starts up!

Caesar's Party 1      Caesar's Party 2

Caesar's Party 3      Caesar's Party 4

Caesar's Party 5

There's always more room at our party, come and join the stir!